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Just wanted to give you some more feedback. This is the best headlamp we’ve ever had. It’s the most comfortable and provides the most light.

– M. Abbate, Nevada

Been looking for some lighting options for all kinds of needs I have going on in my life.. #Maxxeon had it all. The little Cyclops is amazing! 💡💡💡💡

Rodney Childers
Maxxeon LumaStik 1000

Just last night I decided to stop and pick up on the side of the road a flashlight (Note: it was a WorkStar® 1000) that I’ve been seeing for the past month or so. I didn’t have high hopes that it would still work and that it might be ruined. To my amazement, this morning I pressed the power button and the light worked. The top, or light element, is slightly twisted but the thing works. It’s been laying on the side of the road for weeks that I’ve seen and it is a testament to the quality that you’ve made this thing. I’m sure that it fell off a truck and may have been ran over, flooded when it poured in the Louisiana south, and it still works. So thank you for making such a cool product that is quality.

– Jeremy P.

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