WorkStar® 224 UV Pocket Floodlight - Best Professional UV LED Inspection Light

WorkStar® 224 UV Pocket Floodlight                         SKU:  MXN00224

LED Brightness (Radiant Flux)
350 mW (out the front power)  About 3X brighter than before!
LED Wavelength, Power
UltraViolet (UVA) 400 nm, 1 W
Forward Current
350 mA (typical)
Battery Voltage Range
4.8 - 3.3 volts
Batteries Included
3 AAAA alkaline
Run time with alkaline batteries
2 hours to half brightness & 4 hours useable light with typical intermittent use
Custom design with a bright center spot and an orange peel (OP) surface for an even spill beam
Glass, user replaceable
Aluminum Body & Head
T6 Aluminum with Violet Type II Anodizing
Overall Length
6 inches (15 cm)
Head Diameter
9/16 inches (14 mm)
Body Diameter
7/16 inches (10 mm)
Tailcap Switch
Click ON / Click OFF - plus half-press momentary ON;
Equipped with a rubber cap that seals out dirt and grit
1 ounce (28 grams)
Water Resistant
Threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals & tailcap switch is sealed with a rubber cap
WorkStar® 224, pen clip, 3 AAAA alkaline batteries
1 year against manufacturing defects
39111610 Flashlight
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