WorkStar® 2000 4th Gen Technician's Floodlight - Professional Li-ion LED Work Light
Sold Out - replaced by WorkStar® 3000 Technician's LED Work Light

WorkStar® 2000 Features ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Features
The Maxxeon WorkStar® 2000 Technician's Floodlight is the cordless
lighting tool of choice for professionals and DIYs alike. Brighter,
tougher and more versatile than the competition. Get yours today!
WorkStar® 2000 Belt Clip ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Belt Clip
The black metal belt clip securely snaps into the screw holes and onto the upper magnet, yet pulls off easily. Keep your WorkStar® 2000 Technician's Floodlight by your side around the shop. Or light your path at night - you may never use a headlamp again!
WorkStar® 2000 Standing ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Standing
The Maxxeon WorkStar® 2000 has a wide base,
so it is rock stable when standing on flat surfaces.
The front panel includes a 12 VDC charging jack,
a bicolor LED charge/discharge status indicator
and a recessed power/brightness switch.
WorkStar® 2000 Hand-held ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Hand-held
The Maxxeon WorkStar® 2000 has an ergonomic hand grip that is comfortable to hold.
WorkStar® 2000 All ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 All
What you get, now with a USB car adapter.
WorkStar® 2000 Tripod ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Tripod
New with the Maxxeon WorkStar® 2000 is a standard camera tripod socket built into the base. Mount it on your lift or on your machine, or even on a tripod! This adds a whole new level of versatility.
WorkStar® 2000 Tripod ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Tripod
Need to stick your WorkStar® 2000 on aluminum or glass? Well this sturdy tripod suction cup is the answer. Order MXN10058.
WorkStar® 2000 Magnetic Base ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Magnetic Base
Need a magnetic base for your WorkStar® 2000? Well this sturdy 2.6 in ceramic magnet, which screws into tripod socket built into the base of the light, will solve the problem. Order MXN10086.
WorkStar® 2000 Beam Comparison ThumbnailWorkStar® 2000 Beam Comparison
The Maxxeon WorkStar® 2000 series is called the Technician's/Hunter's/GearHead's Floodlight for a reason. You clearly see why from the beam comparison photo. It has a very smooth beam of pure white light, without any hot or dark spots. Plus it's big! The beam is twice as wide as the distance from the head to the surface, so you can do more work without repositioning the light. Which means - you too can Master the Dark.

WorkStar® 2000 4th Gen Technician's Floodlight      SKU:  MXN02000

LED Brightness (Luminous Flux)
New! Icon Dark Gray High > 500, Medium > 250, Low > 100 OTF lumens (Out The Front)
LED, Color, Power
New! Icon White Cree XM-L2 U2, Daylight White, 10 W
Heat Sink
LED and lens are mounted in a sealed aluminum heat sink assembly, which protects the LED from dirt and fluids.
Power/Brightness Switch
New! Icon Light Gray Recessed momentary power switch also controls 3 brightness levels: LOW-MED-HIGH-OFF...
Batteries Included
New! Icon Dark Gray One 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. Battery is user replaceable
Run Time
High > 2, Med > 4, Low > 8 hours
Recharge Time
About 4 hours
Regulator Circuit
High efficiency constant current circuit to maximize brightness and runtime
Charge/Discharge Indicator
New! Icon Dark Gray An LED charge/discharge level indicator flashes green and red indicating the remaining runtime and it changes from red to blue when the charge is complete
Instead of a reflector, it uses a unique "fresnel-like" lens that creates a huge floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The beam diameter to distance ratio is about 2:1, meaning for example, the beam diameter is about 4 ft wide when the light is 2 ft from an object.
Glass Lens
Tempered glass with a shock absorbing rubber gasket protects the LED assembly
High impact polycarbonate, except neck and hook, which are glass reinforced ABS
Click ON / click OFF - plus half-press momentary ON;
Equipped with a glow-in-the-dark (GITD) rubber cap that seals out dirt and grit
Flared Base
Stable when standing upright thanks to the wide flared base
Hand Grip
Comfortable ergonomic hand grip
Head Rotation
Neck rotates 360 degrees with indents to maintain the selected position
Head Tilt
New! Icon Light Gray Head tilts 180 degrees with indents to maintain the selected position.
Retractable Hook length
3 inches (7.5 cm) when extended; retracts into body
Hook Diameter
1 inch (2.5 cm)
2 powerful, co-planar, nickel-plated, neodymium rare-earth magnets
Belt Clip
Better than holster, this belt clip lets you use the light while clipped to your belt. It quickly clips onto the light and slips off just as easily, but sticks securely while in use
Standard camera 1/4-20 tripod socket in base, suction cup and magnet base accessories are available separately
Overall length
10 1/4 inches (26 cm)
Body Dimensions
6 3/4 x 2 x 2 inches (17 x 5 x 5 cm), anti-roll surfaces
Head Dimensions
3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches (7.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm)
AC Power Supply
100-220 VAC 50/60 Hz UL-Approved North American power supply with standard "Type A", two prong plug
USB/Car Charger
New! Icon Light Gray 12 VDC car adapter with 5 VDC USB output and a special USB cable so the light can be charged by any USB port
New! Icon Light Gray 9 oz (255 g)
WorkStar® 2000 with rechargeable Li-ion battery, 100-220 VAC power supply, 12 VDC car adapter/USB cable, belt clip
1 year against manufacturing defects
39112009 Portable Shop Light
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Sold Out - replaced by WorkStar® 3000 Technician's LED Work Light

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10. - WorkStar® 2000 Review - January 2012. Note: battery pack is user replaceable and charge time is 3hr.

Testimonial: Tommy Webb, Installation Technician, Dueco, Inc.

I've owned just about every type of work light known to man and I'm old enough to remember the old incandescent bulbs with the cage around them. Every time a new light comes my way it's typically an improvement but nothing that would get me excited about owning a new work light.

My last cordless LED worked ok and was bright, but the magnetic mount didn't hold well. Either the light wouldn't stay in the magnetic holder or the magnet was too weak to maintain a proper hold on whatever metal attachment I decided to use. The weak magnet resulted in more than a few drops and broken wires internally or damaged circuit boards. Then there was the issue of the plastic lens hazing over if it got near a mist of solvent used to clean parts. These issues caused me to start looking for a better replacement for my rechargeable LED work light. After an exhaustive internet search and reading countless user reviews of various popular LED cordless work lights, I. I stumbled upon the Maxxeon WorkStar 2000.

If you think it looks unlike any other rechargeable work light you've ever seen that's because it is unlike any rechargeable work light like you've ever used.

I received one of the WorkStar 2000 floodlights a little over two weeks ago and immediately put it to use. My job duties involve installing power take off units and clutch pumps on utility vehicles on a daily basis which means working under truck chassis and under the hoods in areas that almost always demand a good work light unless you like busting knuckles in the dark. The WorkStar 2000's 90 out the front lumens on low or 270 lumens on hi light up the darkest areas with a nice beam of light that out shines (pardon the pun) any led work light I've ever used. The 360 degree rotation in the neck and 180 degree tilting head make sure you can point the light beam exactly where you need it.

The two magnets on the back of the Workstar are powerful and hold the light very well on anything metal. I've even knocked it around with wrenches and air tools while attached to a truck chassis and the magnets keep the light in place. If your work space doesn't allow for the magnets to be used there is also a retractable hook in the base and the ability to mount the light to a tripod. I've found the retractable hook to be quite useful doing under hood work and the tripod mount is excellent for flat non-metallic surfaces. Maxxeon has a tripod mount that attaches via a suction cup which works very well. I've found myself attaching the light to windshields for interior cab work and using the suction cup tripod mount on aluminum body panels.

Maxxeon claims a run time of 2 hours on hi and 8 + on low. I was tempted to turn my WorkStar 2000 on and time those claims, however I instead wanted a "real world" evaluation of this lamps performance.

Typically during a work day I'll use my work light as needed and turn it off if I need to walk away from the job for such things as picking up parts, going on breaks, stopping to help out a co-worker with a task, etc. so I've used the WorkStar 2000 during my 10 hour work days just as I would any other rechargeable work light. I'll put it on hi as I need it, leave it on while working under a chassis or hood, and turn it off if I need to walk away from the job for more than a few minutes or going on my lunch break.

The low setting on the WorkStar 2000 is bright enough for most any task I perform during a workday but there are occasions where the 270 Lumens the hi setting provides are needed. Whatever the situations have required I've always made it through a 10 hour shift with a single charge on the light.

Charge for about 3.5 hours when I get home and the WorkStar 2000 is ready to go for another 10 hour shift. I'd have to bet that Maxxeon's run time claims are accurate given my experience. Whatever your profession, if you use rechargeable work lights or have a need for one, before you step foot on the next tool truck you see or visit a local hardware store you'd be doing yourself a favor to order a WorkStar 2000 from or find a distributor near you.