WorkStar® 5200 LUMENATOR® Jr - The Compact Professional LED Work Light

WorkStar 5200 Front Thumbnail WorkStar® 5200 Front
The Maxxeon LUMENATOR®Jr WorkStar® 5200 Compact Professional Rechargeable LED Work Light is about half the size of the LUMENATOR® WorkStar® 5000. At 1.5 lb, it is half the weight of the 3 lb LUMENATOR®. And the LUMENATOR® Jr generates 1050 lumens, which is half of the LUMENATOR's® 2100 lm.
WorkStar® 5200 Side Thumbnail WorkStar® 5200 Side
The nylon handle can function as a stand on flat surfaces or as a mounting point for the optional telescopic tripod and magnetic base.
WorkStar® 2000 Handle Thumbnail WorkStar® 2000 Handle
The nylon handle on the Maxxeon WorkStar® 5200 rotates 180 degrees. It is the mounting point for the optional telescopic tripods and the magnetic base.
WorkStar® 5000 Back Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Back
The Maxxeon LUMENATOR's®Jr Li-ion battery pack is mounted in a sturdy aluminum case that is IP-65 dustproof and water resistent to water jets and rain. The rugged aluminum body is designed for daily use in rough workplace environments and acts as heat sink, so the LED barely gets warm. The outer edge is protected by a red rubber bumper that provides good grip.
WorkStar® 5200 Switch Thumbnail WorkStar® 5200 Back
The red power switch is also the brightness control: Low-Medium-High-Off. Below the switch is the jack for the battery charger. The 3 green lights to the left of the red switch indicator both the battery life and charging status, as detailed in the above illustration.
WorkStar® 2000 Beam Thumbnail WorkStar® 2000 Beam
Not only is the LUMENATOR's® beam bright, but it is also very
wide like a floodlight. It can light up a room for construction or
emergencies or it can light up an engine bay or a piece of equipment.
WorkStar® 5000 Tripod Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Tripod
The adjustable single head telescopic tripod accessory for the LUMENATOR® attaches to the nylon handle, which allows the light to tilt 180 degrees. Order MXN10082.
WorkStar® 5000 Bracket Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Bracket
Included with the single head telescopic tripod is a right-angle bracket that allows the LUMENATOR® to be aimed sideways. Since the bracket can rotate 360 degrees on the tripod and the handle can tilt 180 degrees, you can aim the light as needed. Order MXN10082.
WorkStar® 5000 Triple Head Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Triple Head
The triple head telescopic tripod accessory can hold 1, 2 or 3 LUMENATORs®.
What would you do with 3150 lumens? Order MXN10116.
WorkStar® 5000 Triple Head Side Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Trpile Side
Each LUMENATOR® on the triple head tripod can be aimed independently. Order MXN10116.
WorkStar® 5000 Magnetic Base Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Magnetic Base
This powerful Neodymium magnetic base accessory for the LUMENATOR®Jr attaches to the nylon handle. It will securely fasten the WorkStar® 5200 to any ferrous metal surface. Order MXN10085.
WorkStar® 5000 Rafter Plate Thumbnail WorkStar® 5000 Rafter Plate
The removable rafter plate easily hammers into a rafter or stud providing a ferrous metal surface for the magnetic base. Use it for HVAC installations in attics or when renovating. There are 5 plates per package. Order MXN10139.
WorkStar® 5200 FL1 Thumbnail WorkStar® 5200 FL1

WorkStar® 5200 LUMENATOR® Jr Professional Rechargeable LED Work Light SKU: MXN05200
Parameter Performance
LED Brightness (Luminous Flux)
High = 1050 lumens, Medium = 560 lumens, Low = 280 lumens
Power, Color 10 W COB (chips on board), CRI > 80, Daylight White, 5700K
Heat sink
LED is mounted in a sealed aluminum heat sink assembly, which protects the LED from dirt and fluids.
Power/Brightness Switch
Sealed power switch controls the 3 brightness levels: LOW-MED-HIGH-OFF...
Beam Ratio
The wide angle lens creates an ultra wide floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The diameter to distance ratio is about 3:1, meaning for example, the beam diameter is about 9 ft wide when the light is 3 ft from an object.
Batteries Included
Li-ion 11.1 volt, 2.2 Ah battery pack. Pack is user replaceable.
Run Time per Charge
High > 2.5 hours, Medium > 7 hours, Low > 13.5 hours
Recharge Time
3 hours
Regulator Circuit
High efficiency constant current circuit to maximize brightness and runtime.
Battery Life and Charge Indicator
Three green LEDs arranged in a bar graph format to indicate both the battery life and the charge level.
Wall Power Supply
Input: 100-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz UL-Approved North American power supply with standard "Type A", two prong plug. Output: 15 VDC, 1A. It is safe to operate the light while charging. Use only the supplied the MXN10133 Power Supply. The light is not compatible with the original LUMENATOR® MXN10080 Li-ion Charger.
Aluminum with rubber edge protector
The sturdy nylon handle rotates 180° to adjust the light angle and it is the mounting point for optional tripod stand and magnetic base
7 x 6.5 x 2 inches (18 x 17 x 5 cm)
1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
15º to 105ºF (-10º to +40ºC)
Ingress Protection
IP65 = dust tight + water resistant to water jets and rain
Impact Test
IK07 = 2 J
Drop Test
6 ft (2 m)
What's Included
WorkStar® 5200, a user replaceable 11.1 VDC, 2.2 Ah Li-ion battery pack and a 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 VDC, 1 A UL-approved power supply
1 year against manufacturing defects
Barcode 629203052007
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$83.95  LUMENATOR®Jr MXN05200
$22.75  Magnetic Base MXN10085
$39.86  Single Head Tripod MXN10082
$56.96  Triple Head Tripod MXN10116
$8.34  Rafter Plate MXN10139 (5 plates/package)

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