2nd Gen WorkStar® 320 Pocket Floodlight - Professional LED Inspection Penlight

2nd Gen WorkStar® 320 Pocket Floodlight      SKU:  MXN00320
Parameter Performance
LED Brightness
(Luminous Flux)
170 OTF lumens (out-the-front)
LED, Color, Power Cree XP-E2, Daylight White, 3 W
Forward Current 350 mA constant current
Battery Voltage Range Between 0.9 to 4.2 volts
Batteries included 2 AAA alkaline Note: Compatible with NiMH, Alkaline and 1.5V lithium
Run time Alkaline: 35 min continuous operation & 2 hr with typical intermittent use
NiMH: 2 hr continuous operation
Reflector Custom designed flood reflector creates a huge floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The distance to diameter ratio is about 1:1, meaning at 1 ft from an object, the beam is about 1 ft wide.
Lens Equipped with a user replaceable glass lens. Note: replacement glass lenses are available from Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON
Aluminum Body T6 Aluminum with Black Type II Anodizing
Overall length 5 inches (13 cm)
Diameter 9/16 inches (14 mm)
Switch Tailcap click ON / click OFF + Momentary ON. Equipped with a user replaceable rubber switch cap that seals out dirt. Note: replacement rubber switch caps are available from Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON
Weight 2 ounce (57 grams)
Ingress Protection IP67 = dust tight & waterproof to 3 ft (1 m) - Threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals & tailcap switch is sealed with a rubber cap
Included WorkStar® 320, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, spare rubber switch cap
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects
39111610 Flashlight
Barcode 629203003207
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